Fan Follow Friday: Troy Olsen, Kansas City Royals

kauffman stadium, kansas city royals

Fan Follow Friday puts the spotlight weekly on one of my readers, as they share their favorite ballparks and  baseball memories. Hope you enjoy hearing their stories!! In honor a fantastic postseason run, we go to Kansas City and hear from Troy Olsen, a Royals fan:

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Name:  Troy J Olsen

Age:  Just turned 34 last month

Hometown: Born in Grand Island Nebraska but consider Kansas City home and live in Albuquerque, NM now.

Favorite team:  Royals

Twitter: @kcroyalman

Blog/Website: Kansas City Baseball Vault

How did you get into baseball?

It was on TV growing up in Nebraska and then spent summers in Colorado with my dad and went to lots of Denver Zephyrs games and my love was born

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Favorite Ballpark:

The K because of all the memories and because the remodel made it all new again. I also really like Chase Field in Arizona, as well, because it’s air conditioned in the middle of summer but baseball inside feels weird to me.

Least Favorite Ballpark:

Miller Park. Maybe it was where we sat but I could not see the game well.

Top Ballpark Memory:

When the Royals won the ALDS. It was my only playoff game because  I live out of state now and it’s something I’ve waited my whole life to be part of. The place was rocking. My friends were all in the same place we always stand and really had a great time and amazing experience.

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Advice for fans visiting your home ballpark?

It’s kinda in the middle of nowhere but parking is pretty inexpensive at the park and there is plenty of it. Go early, Tailgate. Most folks are friendly. Go to BBQ before hand. Ask someone where to go. Everyone will probably tell you somewhere different.  Go in early and go through the stadium and take in all the views of the field. There isn’t a bad seat. GO TO THE HALL OF FAME. It’s really nice and never gets old. Stand around the fountains. There is something mystical about it.

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