Surviving Baseball Off-Season (with college football)

You can always spot me in Ohio carrying my Yankees bag proudly!
You can always spot me in Ohio carrying my Yankees bag proudly!

Surviving the baseball off-season is at times a daunting task. If you remember my post from last January, I was coping with the help of another American staple- bourbon.

Things aren’t that dire just yet- ask me again when it’s just basketball. With the Arizona Fall League and Japan All-Star Series, the start of free agency, and the Baseball Winter Meetings next week there’s still plenty of baseball news for me to consume. The Japan All-Star Series, in particular, had me itching to see baseball overseas, something I started to think about when vacationing in Puerto Rico. Fairly certain I will be adding international ballpark chasing to my Baseball Bucket List!

Luckily, I also have my Buckeyes to keep me from feeling blue (gross.)! Proud Ohio State alumna here and despite some bumps in the road (Braxton going down, the loss to VT, JT breaking his ankle), we still made it to the Big Ten Championship this weekend and have a legit shot at the College Football Playoffs! Woohoo!!

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I went to the *ichigan game last Saturday and man oooh man did that game take years off my life! As a child of the 90s, I never, ever expect The Game to be an easy blowout or an automatic win (despite the demise up north). Records be darn that week my friends! It was another close one, though OSU pulled away in the 4th quarter. I have a love/hate relationship with tight football games. It’s much like watching a pitcher’s duel- I love that it’s exciting, just hate being nervous during it. Sports emotional roller coaster in full effect last Saturday!

Even if you hate Ohio State and call us the Suckeyes (rude!)… I strongly suggest you take in a game at Ohio Stadium. Or if college baseball is more up your alley, you should visit Bill Davis- it’s quite nice. Nick Swisher (OSU alum) actually donated the turf field so it’s now Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis.

If you absolutely refuse to set foot on heaven on earth, aka Ohio State’s campus, well I’m surprised you’re still reading this post, and commend you a bit for your resilience. I also recommend visiting Huntington Park, home to the Columbus Clippers, the Indians’ AAA team. It’s gorgeous, with a killer view of our city’s skyline. Columbus is also teaming with baseball history- deep roots. Find my friend and baseball historian Joe Santry at the park and he’ll tell you some great, great, GREAT stories!

Well this post turned into a VISIT COLUMBUS ad, but hey- I love my city and what it has to offer sports fans, especially baseball fans. A hidden gem, and the origin of both the Indians and the Reds. Now that I’m in this mindset, I might try and track down Joe for a little baseball history refresher. I’ll see what I can work out.

In the meantime, I will keep watching the Buckeyes, drink my bourbon, and follow the Yanks free agency. Fingers crossed for good news!!

What are you doing to pass the time until pitchers & catchers report? Let me know… I need ideas! 😉



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