Baseball is Back! Scroll Down for Spring Training Guides

***If you’re not interested in Yankee Spring Training thoughts (shame on you ;)) scroll down a bit for links to my Spring Training Guides from last season and the link to my Spring Training experience from last year. 

After what feels like a million years, another baseball season has officially come to a close. Teams have reported and the A-Rod show that is going to torture us all season long has started up. Seriously it’s horrible and I want it to stop. Checking my Twitter feed is causing me major sadness as I read about his every move. I feel like the Britney guy… LEAVE A-ROD ALONE!!! This request is in vain I know, but I thought I’d put it out there. I’ve never been a fan, but he apologized (I don’t even care if it wasn’t sincere or not… leaning towards it was) and I’m ready to let it go and see what he has left!

It’s definitely weird to follow a Jeter-less Yankees team, but I’m anxious to see what they can pull off this season. First off, pitching is a major concern- can Tanaka, Sabathia, and Nova bounce back from injuries? How big of a loss is David Robertson? Why didn’t they sign Max Scherzer?! Can you have co-closers?

As for position players, there are plenty of big questions concerning A-Rod’s role with the team, other old dudes staying healthy, youth (what’s that on this team?!),  was passing on Yoan Moncada a mistake? I hope it’s another Daisuke deal for the Sox… but I have my doubts. Girardi will have his hands full this season!

I’ve been amazed the last three years with him as the manager. He held a team together in 2012 that looked on the verge of collapse the entire second half of the season, getting to the ALCS (hate you Detriot! ;)). In 2013 he kept them in playoff contention way longer than expected with what seemed like a new injury every day. Last season was a little painful to watch, but they were in it until almost the end. Pitching injuries really killed it.

So even though I go into this season with heavy concerns about a quiet off-season and questionable players (old and young), I have optimism that they’ll figure it out and exceed expectations. There nothing better for motivation than doubters/haters… just ask the 2014 Ohio State football team. Yeah, I was bound to give them a shout out sooner or later in this post!

I read an article earlier this year that Girardi believes there are some guys in the farm system that will make an impact this season. Dare I get my hopes up for a second coming of the Core Four? Yes. Yes, I just did.

Speaking of Core Four and former Yankee awesomes… what’s up with retiring everyone’s jerseys? At this rate, there will be no numbers left and it almost seems like a stunt by the organization to sell tickets to games. I say this as a huge fan of Pettitte, Posada, and Williams. Maybe after some of my game experiences last year I’m a little jaded on the Yankees, but they have me questioning motives a bit. Am I the only Yankee fan that feels like this? I’m hoping to re-fall in sports love with this team and I think (hope!) I will.

Lastly let’s end on a high note and address the most obvious, important Yankee Spring Training question- will there be new episodes of Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira? I think that’s weighing heavy on the minds of Yankee and non-Yankee fans alike. We want it, we need it, Mark- make it happen!

If you’re planning on going to Spring Training this year, here are some guides I put together last season:

Grapefruit League Spring Training Guide

Cactus League Spring Training Guide

Also here’s a recap of my trips out to Arizona and Tampa last year for Spring Training and some “Fun Facts”:

My Spring Training Recap

Fun Facts on Spring Training

Let me know if you’re going to Spring Training this year and please share your pictures and experiences! I need to live vicariously through you!! 

I went on a small West Coast trip… it wasn’t intended as a baseball trip, but I somehow found myself at Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, and Petco Park. I’ll share my pictures and thoughts on Friday. xoxo!


4 thoughts on “Baseball is Back! Scroll Down for Spring Training Guides

  1. Alicia — Thanks for getting the sports juices flowing again. I’ve been disenchanted with the major sports lately.
    So much so that I haven’t posted to my blog in nearly four months. Even though I’m still a Red Sox fan, your Yankees oriented post has triggered my interest once again.
    I think my first spring training game this year will be extra fun. Thanks for the motivation!!


    1. Thank you for the kind comment! It’s VERY appreciated…

      You have a lot to look forward to this season with the Red Sox!! Seems like they are on the SF Giants plan for horrible then great teams. I’m so sad Panda went to them… was in baseball love with him during the WS. Was there anything he couldn’t hit? But realistically, how will Fenway’s locker room hold him AND Big Papi? 😉


  2. Welcome back Alicia!!! Been too long! Ya know, someone on my staff has not been a fan of A-Rod since his days in Seattle but he is a staunch Yankees fan. So I asked him this: If it’s the 9th inning and the Yankees are down by one, 2 outs, one on, and A-Rod is up, would you be rooting for him to strike out? Of course I got a resounding “Hell no!!” ‘Nuff said. Let’s put this it all behind us and hope he can still contribute…


    1. I know, I’ve been soooo bad about my blogging this off-season. Like I said I’ve been a little down on the Yankees of late, but I think once it all starts up I’ll be all excited and ready for the season.

      Funny story about your staff member, it’s my thoughts exactly. My sister is hilarious… she roots for him to get beaned. I got hit with a softball one time and that hurt so bad, I don’t wish it on anyone, but when she says it I can’t help but laugh. I imagine he’s finally realizing he’s so disliked and needs to damage control like crazy. Hopefully he behaves and has a decent year.


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