Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

I show you how to be a ballpark hottie for $15 or less!

In case you missed it yesterday, VS Pink dropped their latest MLB Collection. It was perfection (duh) and I wanted it all… but unfortunately I can’t justify spending that much on Yankees gear every single season. Until better more lucrative days come, I’ll stick to MLB Shop sales (they usually do a 50% off VS Pink gear a day or two) and buy clearance shirts to cut up.

I’ve been cruisin’ around Pinterest looking for cute shirt ideas this week and came across a great idea for a summer tank. It’s a subtle but sexy way to spruce up an old shirt.

Follow the steps below for a unique spin on the everyday MLB shirt:

1. I ordered this shirt off of in the clearance section for $6.58 in a medium. Amazing deal right?!

white sox shirt

2. This shirt has very limited cutting since I like the neckline and sleeves. Just flip the shirt over to the back and draw a line midway up the back with chalk. Make sure you only cut the back of the shirt and leave the front of the shirt as is.

white sox back cut line

3. Once you cut out the back, flip the shirt back over and cut a straight line up the middle. If you’re a perfectionist, use a ruler or piece of paper to help you draw a straight line.

white sox cut lines front

4. Next cut diagonals on either side to make the ties.

white sox cut lines front


5. Tie either end in a double knot to the tightness you want and you get the final result:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This shirt design was super easy and a quick way to jazz up an old shirt. It goes great with a pair of high-waisted shorts or if you want to show your tummy pair it with yoga pants or white skinny jeans. I like this shirt so much, I’m offering it up to the first White Sox fan that emails me their address (US only). I’ll send it to you as long as you promise to take a picture of you in the shirt at a game or bar watching the Sox. :)

If you have a homemade t-shirt design to share, feel free to email it to me at  Also, if you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page- Sports Wanderlust or follow me on Twitter- @alicia_barnhart.


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