Ladies Ballpark Apparel on a Budget

I show you how to be a ballpark hottie for $15 or less!

This week’s shirt is inspired by a Pinterest post. It’s a great way to recycle an old shirt!

Follow the steps below for a unique spin on the everyday MLB shirt:

1. I ordered this shirt off of in the clearance section for $7.98 in a small. After making this shirt I would suggest buying a size up… especially if you’re hippy like me.

2. Cut the collar and sleeves off the shirt. After you cut them off, cut down the seams on either side of the shirt. Cut lines are in yellow below.

rangers cut marks front

3. Pull on the shirt a bit to stretch it out a little. Then tie the bottoms together into double knots, find a cute bralette and voilà:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve gotten to a point that I no longer need to draw chalk lines for cutting off my collar and sleeves. This shirt was not only super easy to make, it fits in well with the current bralette trend. Lucky for me I have a blue one to throw under here!

I like this shirt so much, I’m offering it up to the first Texas fan that emails me their address (US only). I’ll send it to you as long as you promise to take a picture of you in the shirt at a game or bar watching the Rangers. :)

If you have a homemade t-shirt design to share, feel free to email it to me at  Also, if you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page- Ballparks on a Budget or follow me on Twitter- @alicia_barnhart.


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