Ballpark Food… It’s So Hot Right Now

Exactly how I feel about ballpark food options!
Exactly how I feel about ballpark food options!

In the last two weeks, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without reading about a new food item being offered at an MLB park. It started with that crazy Churro Dog from the Diamondbacks and escalated to a College Daze Bloody Mary topped with a pizza slice compliments of the Twins.

These days it seems like just about every ballpark serves up a novelty food item. I remember seeing the Boomstick when I was visiting Rangers Ballpark (now Globe Life Park) in 2012 and was afraid… that’s way too much hot dog for one person. Then came “The StrasBurger” at Nationals Park and the giant crab cakes in Baltimore. Forget the baseball and the parks themselves, the food was blowing my mind during my 2012 tour!

Personally, I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to ballpark food. Give me a soft pretzel and Chicago dog any day over these crazy concoctions- I’m not tryin’ to spend half the game in the bathroom! For those with steel trap bellies and zero concern for your cholesterol, click the link below to the SN slideshow of the wildest ballpark food offerings. ‘Merica… this is why you’re fat. 😉

Craziest Ballpark Foods

Bonus video: The 5 Best MLB Stadiums for Food

Should you or someone you know try one of these items and live to tell the tale… let me know! I am curious about that Churro Dog….

Also any pictures of you with the crazy things you eat are much appreciated. 🙂 Tweet me @alicia_barnhart.


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