End of Ballparks on a Budget

From the beginning of Ballparks on a Budget to the end! 2012 to the left and 2015 to the right!
From the beginning of Ballparks on a Budget to the end! 2012 to the left and 2015 to the right!

I think by now it’s a bit obvious that this blog is coming to an end, but I figured I should give a little update on here. This past winter I decided that I wanted to go after all the NFL stadiums in a single season and with a new venture, I had to make some sacrifices financially. Baseball, unfortunately, was one of them. After going to many, many games over the last three seasons, it killed me to only go to two live games this year. At least I got to experience Reds Opening Day and see my Yankees up in Cleveland, even though they lost in 16 innings (see pictures below).

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Baseball will always be a big part of my life, but this fall I’ll be tackling (pun intended… I couldn’t resist!) the NFL by going to 32 games in pursuit of the Guinness World Record for Fastest to see a game in every NFL stadium. I kick that off on 9/13 in Oakland and am ready for my next great sports adventure. Also, I’m raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio. It’s the biggest House in the world and they need our help as they house thousands of families with children experiencing medical hardship every year. Please find it in your heart to visit their website and donate what you can.

Thank you for reading my blog and joining me on my baseball trips over the last three years. I’ve enjoyed documenting my journeys on this site and loved reading your comments and experiences even more!

xoxo -Alicia


9 thoughts on “End of Ballparks on a Budget

  1. It’s been a great three year run! Best wishes for your next journey. We know you’ll accomplish what you’re setting out to do. You will do the Guiness Book of World Records proud Alicia!! Good luck from all of us here…


  2. Best of luck in your NFL travels Alicia. Just remember to not say anything nice about Roger Goodell when you visit Foxborough! I’ll be signing on to your new site shortly. You should consider revisiting the Ballparks on a Budget idea in a few years. Too many people think a family trip to a game has to be expensive. Your original mission provided a real service!




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