Kicking off Sports Wanderlust


Hello! Welcome to my new website Sports Wanderlust, a place where sports and travel collide. For those who didn’t follow me on my Ballparks on a Budget site, allow me to introduce myself properly…

I’m Alicia, a 29-year-old sports enthusiast hailing from a city of actual victors, home to The Undisputed Champions in college football, the great, the fantastical, the amazing, I’m not overselling it one bit- Columbus, Ohio. See what I did there?! As a Buckeye, I will unapologetically take digs at TTUN time to time, because I’m enjoying our time in the sun and well, I never really got over the ‘90s. Sports man, am I right?

So yeah, that’s where I’m from, but where am I going? Good question. A short time ago, 2012 to be exact, I decided to go to all 30 MLB stadiums in a single summer and I did it. Through my travels and blogging, I met some amazing people that shared my love for baseball and going to the ballparks. I kept up that blog for three seasons but wasn’t getting too pumped up for the fourth. Looking for inspiration, I took a small trip out west and ended up on a Tinder date. While talking about my baseball travel hobby, the guy asked, “Why don’t you do the NFL?” I didn’t have a real excuse for why I hadn’t done it. Well, aside from money, but that hasn’t stopped me before, so why was I letting it dictate my decisions now? Long story short, Tinder guy and I didn’t fall in love and get married (shocking), but he put the idea in my head and challenged me. God has a funny way of talking to you sometimes, you know?

This new idea of going to all the NFL stadiums intrigued me. I love football and as I was flirting around with the idea in my head, one of my blogger friends, Chuck Booth gave me an even better idea- go after the Guinness World Record for fastest to all 31 NFL stadiums in a single season. He’s the World Record Holder for the MLB parks (23 days if you’re curious) and is currently attending at least one baseball game every day this season. Talk about enjoying sports travel! Chuck’s suggestion was the final push I needed. I applied to GWR officially and started planning out my trips.

So that’s how I got to this site and hope you will enjoy following me around to the NFL stadiums this season. This isn’t strictly a venue review site and I will never claim to write “real” articles. These are my stories (with stadium tours peppered in) and I want you to feel like I’m telling you them as a friend. Please imagine my tone is happy and I’m smiling… unless I say otherwise! I’m fairly good natured and say most things like my *ichigan comments above in jest- roll your eyes and read on. Also, I am well aware my grammar isn’t perfect and I wear my self-proclaimed status of “Run-on Sentence Queen” as a badge of honor.

I don’t want to hog this site with just my adventures, so if you want to submit a personal story about a trip you took or why you love to travel around attending sporting events, I would love to read and share it. My only guidelines are it’s a longer piece, thought out, not riddled with spelling/grammar errors, and doesn’t have over a PG-13 rating. I want you to have your own voice, but let’s keep the language slur-free and maybe a swear word or two for emphasis.

If writing a complete story isn’t for you, check out the forums and share short stories and travel tips there. I’ll pop over there time to time to get stadium advice and whatnot. In fact, I just posted about Oakland, where I kick off my journey on 9/13. Can’t wait to get this thing rolling!

So this is me showing off my clear Browns bag at the Browns/Ravens game last year. Yes, I appear to be the happiest Browns fan you’ll find, but trust me, I’m crying on the inside (just a little… ok a lot).

One thought on “Kicking off Sports Wanderlust

  1. Thanks for the shout out Alicia. When you set the record, – that means a woman will own the mark for the NFL quickest traveler – and a Canadian will own the MLB clip.. Enjoy the ride you are about embark on, you deserve it..


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