USMNT vs Guatemala, MAPFRE Stadium

Last night the USMNT was in Columbus to play Guatemala in pursuit of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. MAPFRE Stadium (still getting used to not calling it Crew Stadium) was actually the first soccer-specific stadium built in the US and long time home to the men’s team… remember Dos A Cero? Good times.

I was lucky to work an event outside the stadium and score a free ticket from my friend Nicole. Free national soccer is the best type of soccer in my opinion. Our seats were awesome, only a few rows up from the field. Seeing America’s finest kick Guatemalan butt up close was great, plus I had a nice view of the end zone which housed the hooligans. They chant, they sing, they yell vulgarities- do your thing soccer fans.

The USMNT hammered Guatemala 4-0 and I loved every minute of the game. Trying to leave the stadium, on the other hand, was a nightmare. Please don’t judge Columbus by the area around this venue if you attend a match or concert here. It’s NOT a nice part of town! Below are some pictures I took… enjoy!


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