Field of Dreams Visit


Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

I think I’ve said that line about 1,825,475 times since crossing the border into this heartland state. We had the first day we arrived in Davenport off for the professional stagehands traveling with us to set up our stage and trailers. Six of us crammed in a mom van and drove the hour and a half up to Dyersville, Iowa to pay homage to our favorite baseball movie. You will remember Blake and Gary from my last post, we were joined by Nick (Orioles), Ryan (Yankees), and Jess (no affiliation yet… she is TBD). Ryan likes baseball and electronics more than any human I’ve ever met. He brought along a drone, a fancy camera (I’m still rockin’ the iPhone), and a GoPro to document our entire experience. Still waiting to see the drone footage, but I do love the picture he posted of the farm from the sky coupled with a group shot of us on the mound.Upon arrival we were fairly giddy and basically ran over to the field, which not sure why this is surprising- looks exactly like the movie. The corn though not sprouting cobs yet was tall enough to give the desired ambiance. We made a beeline to the outfield and spent some time walking in and out of it while reciting movie lines. Jess has never seen the movie, so was a little lost, but said she had fun watching us nerd out. She couldn’t keep a straight face when I asked her to, “have a catch,” but we did indeed.

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Despite knowing where we were headed and being on a baseball tour in general, none of us brought gloves. We didn’t let this detract from the experience and barehanded some of the provided balls. Having a catch at the Field of Dreams is officially scratched off my Sports Bucket List, though I’d like to go back with my dad sometime… if I can drag him out of Ohio. The man loves to stay in state, mind you it’s a great state.

We stayed at the field about two hours before heading over to the actual city of Dyersville to look for a place to eat and check out a gem of a church, The Basilica of St. Francis Xavier. Even if you aren’t Catholic or particularly religious, the gothic architecture is worth seeing. Jess and I walked through, prayed, and lit candles for our loved ones. The boys politely waited in the car and once we were finished, we grabbed dinner at a cute country style restaurant called Country Junction. It was recommended to us by the lady running the FoD gift shop and it was delicious comfort food! Our drive home we reminisced about our visit and played this silly memory game called “I’m Going on a Picnic.” It was the perfect way to kick off our time in Iowa and a great compliment to our tour which our stagehands were currently building. We will see if he will come!


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