Summertime Lambeau Leap

My roommate Jess might not be a baseball fan, but the girl loves, loves the NFL and is a huge Green Bay Packers fan from Florida. Being only two hours from her Mecca was enough to tempt us into a road trip up north to take a tour of the stadium and stroll around the city… something I wasn’t able to do when I visited last September.
We bought our tickets for the tour ahead of time because the shareholders meeting was wrapping up and the first day of summer camp was the following day, so didn’t want to risk the drive to find them sold out. Of course, we were bummed we wouldn’t get to see the players ride out on bikes, but we only had Sunday off.

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I will try not to be too negative about our tour, but as a non-Packers fan who loved Lambeau, it wasn’t worth it. Even Jess being a die hard wasn’t very satisfied. We did the Champions tour which was a suite and the field (cheapest one available) and we spent most of it in a suite and were rushed through the best part- walking out onto the field through the players’ tunnel. They pump crowd noise so you get the team experience and it will give you chills, but they push you through quickly and don’t give you the opportunity to savor the moment or take pictures. Once on the field, the tour guide took pictures (claimed he was great at it) but most of ours ended up blurry. I’ve been on many stadium tours that are about the same price and this one was by far the worst. For as magical as Lambeau was for me on game day last year, this visit felt flat. Maybe it was because the field wasn’t painted or because I wasn’t feelin’ our guide’s vibes? Honestly, I still can’t pin down what was off about this trip as I normally enjoy empty stadiums just as much as when they’re full of fans. Despite the tour being a bit disappointing, we did walk by Jordy Nelson near the team locker room. Jess was on cloud nine about that!

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After the tour, Jess walked around the Packers Hall of Fame (additional $12) and I hung out in the atrium. I’ve been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and just wasn’t interested in fronting Green Bay any more money. She liked it, though, so if you’re a Packers fan, it’s probably a great addition to your tour. We raided the huge team store before heading outside to take Lambeau leaps and pictures with the giant statues. It was about 95* and humid, a much different experience than my fall trip! Despite the heat, we walked across the street to scope out the practice facility and I’m fairly sure Jess was still looking for Jordy! The practice field is really nice and I was a little jelly thinking about all the fans that would be chillin’ in the stands the next day watching the first day of camp. Training camp is open to the public, first come first serve. Bet it’s fun!

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By now we were starving and ready for “official” Green Bay food- brats and cheese curds. I took Jess over to Kroll’s, just like Tessa took me on game day. The brats were just as delicious as I remembered and I still don’t like cheese curds… I’m sorry Wisconsin! Afterward, we hit up Titletown brewery for some beers before walking around Green Bay’s downtown along the river. The town is small but absolutely adorable and packed (pun there) with team history. There are plaques and a heritage walk to give you an overview of how deeply intertwined the city is with their NFL team. Even if you hate the Packers, you have to admit they’re an anomaly in the sports world. I’ve never felt the air of romanticism that I experience during baseball visits in the NFL except for Green Bay.

Being able to spend the second half of the day in the city and explore a quaint American city, definitely had us in good cheers. Jess and I reluctantly headed back to Milwaukee, spending a good amount of time on the ride back fantasizing about winning the lottery and Jess owning a house by the stadium. Packers girl can dream!


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