Wrigley Field of my Dreams

Seeing the Cubs at Miller Park wasn’t enough for me, I had to see them at home, especially since I didn’t make a trip out last summer. I’ve been going to at least one game at Wrigley Field since my sister Alex and I visited in 2008. This is my happy place and if you disagree about it being baseball heaven on earth, well we probably can’t be friends. It worked out that Alex was able to meet me for the game and it was a double special day for us. We hadn’t been to a game together for what seemed like years (ok we were at AT&T Park last September together) and this was the site of our first official “Sister Trip.” I was 23 back then, fresh out of college traveling with a minor (Boo Boo was 17)… boy how things have changed- we get to go in bars now!

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The Seattle Mariners were in town and we wanted to shower Robinson Cano with some good old fashioned Bronx Cheers because yeah, we’re still mad bro. 😉 Not really, we’re past that stage, now we’re just sad about it. He was Alex’s favorite and we just want him back. Stop unloading for Bryce Harper and bring Cano back home… or both, I fully support both. Anyhoo, we bought standing room tickets for $35 + like $10 in taxes each thinking we would walk around and then find seats once people left. We were wrong, Jake Arrieta (was so pumped to see him play live) and Wade Miley laid down a killer pitcher’s duel. Alex and I did manage to move around the park a bit and visit with our favorite Wrigley ushers Bill and Angelo. They used to usher up near the standing room, but now they’re big time, working in the lower sections. Such sweet peas and I’m so thankful other ushers let us through so we were able to visit with them for a little bit. When you meet nice people at ballparks, they become a staple and the trip doesn’t seem complete without visiting them.

Before we knew it, it was the 8th inning and in trots the newest member of the Cubs, Aroldis Chapman. I was mega bummed the Yankees traded him because he throws like a dream, but the four prospects in return? Very nice. Finally, the Yankees are rebuilding! Back to the game, Chapman came in and stunk it up big time. The Cubs had managed to get a run after a couple of wild plays at the plate, and yeah that’s not much cushion, but come on man you’re Aroldis Chapman! He blew the save and was relieved. Bet Cubs fans were real salty about that trade with the Yankees right then and there and I definitely smiled about it because I enjoy people being mad at the Yankees. It’s funny.

With the Mariners on top, Wrigley started to clear out and Alex and I snagged some seats in a lower section hoping to see the Cubs make a comeback. They didn’t. Rizzo was into pinch hit, struck out and my boy Kris Davis took a K as well. Him homering is still on the bucket list, which is cool, I’ve got years of Cubs games ahead of me. The Mariners got to celebrate on the field, but Robbie can’t take too much credit for the win as he went 0-4. The silver lining to a Cubs loss was spending the day with my sister, who loves ballparks and baseball just as much as me.

Wrigley Field still my favorite ballpark, even with the addition of the scoreboards. I was adamantly against them, thinking they would detract from the atmosphere and bombard fans with dumb trivia and ads. Thank God the Cubs did the renovation tastefully, much like the scoreboards at Fenway. There weren’t annoying diversions between innings and it didn’t block out too many of the rooftops, you could still see them from the stands. Could they see us? I don’t know, but if you want to see the field, come to the stadium. It’s totally worth the high prices, it’ll make your knees weak!


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