Our Memories, Hall of Fame Tour

The crowds coming through our exhibits in Kansas City have been very interesting and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear a ton of Yankees stories while visiting an American League city. There was a gentleman that saw Roger Maris’ 57th home run in Kansas City during his 61 homer season and another that claimed to be a relative of Babe Ruth. Then there are the Joe DiMaggio files. One fan said Joe dated his mother before Marilyn and used to change his diapers and gave him his first ice cream cone, another met him in a cafe in Topeka and Joe bought him lunch. Also, after George Brett (Royals lone Hall of Famer), Mickey Mantle seems to be a Royals fan favorite. Wasn’t expecting so much Yankee love, but I will never complain when I get a chance to talk pinstripes!

The Our Memories houses another group of phenomenal artifacts that get the ball rolling in the New York discussion- Babe Ruth’s final home run ball, Yogi Berra’s glove that caught Don Larsen’s perfect game, Roger Maris’ bat that hit number 61. Of course, it’s not all about the Yanks and the “Crown Jewel” in here is Willie Mays “the catch” glove. What I enjoy most about this exhibit are the four films that run on a loop and show each of the artifacts being used, tieing together their stories. I’ve seen all the films at least 100 times now, but I’m still blown away by the stories and how baseball has the flare for dramatics. So many records happen at the last possible moment almost giving them a fairy tale aspect. From what I hear during the films, the players that set them are just as in awe!

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In the back of the exhibit fans are encouraged to share their favorite memories from the ballpark, with friends and family, while watching on tv, from their playing days, as well as things they wish they saw or made them laugh. Below I picked some of my favorites from Kansas City to share with you guys.

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The last thing fans can do while in this exhibit is make History Selfies that they can then email to themselves to share with their friends. There are nine moments to chose from and you get four tries to nail the pose or you can take “artistic liberties” as you will see I did below. It’s a fun take away and both kids and adults get very creative!

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