Preseason Football in Arrowhead Stadium

Jess and I had Saturday off so naturally, we found ourselves at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs first preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. We bought the cheapest tickets on StubHub for $6 each and got dropped off at the stadium at noon to fully partake in the tailgating!

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Normally I’m not much of a tailgater because I want to remember the games I’m attending and like my last visit to Arrowhead, I’m alone and not trying to make myself more vulnerable. For this game I made an exception as it’s preseason, I had rides to and from the game, and was with a friend, I’m not huge fans of either team and well once in awhile I should let my hair down and have a little fun!

Jess and I packed her Green Bay cooler and walked up and down the parking lot aisles stopping to talk with whatever fans we thought were interesting.  We met some fun and very passionate Chiefs fans and learned a new darts drinking game which I definitely chided those boys for messing up Matt Harvey’s face. The guy is having a rough go at life at the moment, he doesn’t need that ;). There was definitely a lot of baseball talk with them and it felt good to be unfiltered… I could say how I really felt about some teams, haha!

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We had planned on getting to our seats at 3:00 pm to see the teams come out, but we were having such a good time eating, drinking, and talking football with another group of Chiefs fans we didn’t make it until just after kickoff. At least we saw both team’s starters play the opening drives. I’m a big Russell Wilson fan, so naturally, I was cheering for him while decked out in red. Then he threw a pick and I was excited about that too, no shame. We stayed in our seats watching the first half, talking to the fans around us. Everything was fine and fun in our football world until the guys in front of us and behind us decided to get in an argument that brought security over. I have no idea what it was about (it might’ve been about us, but we aren’t trying to take that much credit), I just know it escalated quickly. Inappropriate things were said about people’s moms. It was wild because both parties were Chiefs fans.

Jess and I assured the usher we weren’t with either group and decided we didn’t want to mess with that situation anymore, so we left them to find better seats. Arrowhead was fairly empty at the start of the game, by halftime it was nearly a ghost town so we went and sat along the 50-yard line for the third quarter. There were more fans in the lower level and it was shaded, making the third quarter a very enjoyable experience. The Chiefs hit a nice 58-yard field goal and that brought Spirit back out. Jess and I are both big fans… how do we apply?

Because I wasn’t driving, we broke my cardinal rule of not leaving a game early and left at the end of the third quarter with the rest of our coworkers, who chose to stay in the upper deck and sun. We were promptly punished as the game took a thrilling turn in the fourth and the Seahawks managed to come back and win. That would’ve been nice to see, but alas we were long gone!


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