Rain Delay Lessons in Kansas City

During our final weekend of the Hall of Fame Tour’s activation in Kansas City, the Royals returned home for a series with the Twins. After work Friday night I walked over to the game despite storm clouds looming in the distance. I had every intention of fully re-exploring the stadium and going through the Royals Hall of Fame as I hadn’t during my visit the week before.

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My plans were foiled a bit and I can’t blame the weather completely. I got caught up watching the game from some standing room in the lower concourse as coworkers waited in line to grab drinks for a couple innings. The Twins pitching was atrocious and they walked in two runs! It was weirdly exciting to watch such bad baseball and I continued to watch the game from the club level where we joined more friends. The 200 level at Kauffman Stadium was a new experience and the bar was very nice for congregating with other fans while still watching the action on the field. That my friends was getting interesting! The Twins were down 4-1 and managed to tie it up in the fifth, plus Joe Mauer was up! Then boom… tarps. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I can’t remember my last regular season rain delay. It’s been years.

We waited a good hour and a half and it was still raining cats and dogs with the radar showing this wasn’t going to end for quite a bit. I hate leaving games early but we honestly thought the game would be called and ran for our cars. The following morning I picked up the paper and saw I missed a Royals walk-off win, but it came at 2:15 am! If it were teams I really liked I would’ve been saltier. I was however bummed I didn’t visit the Royals Hall of Fame during this trip. It would’ve been nice to see the World Series trophies the Royals won for my birth and then to commemorate my 30th birthday… 😉

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