Girls Night Out in the Ballpark

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Last week I met Marian when she came through the exhibit I was working for the Hall of Fame Tour. She lit up seeing Stan Musial’s cap worn during his final game and exclaimed, “I was there!”

Well we got to talking and I was stunned as passionate of a Cardinals fan she is, Marian has never been to a game in new Busch Stadium. I point blank asked if I could take her to a game when the team returned to town. She was surprised and agreed to meet me for last night’s game and we called it our girl’s night out.

We kept score (harder than both of us remember), ate hot dogs, and talked about life and of course baseball! I realized towards the end of the game we were sitting on the stripe that marks where old Busch Stadium used to sit (the stadiums crossed) and thought it was quite fitting. Wish the Cards got a win for her, but regardless the outcome, we had fun and I’ll treasure the time we spent together. I told Marian meeting her and going to the game together was more meaningful than any baseball statistic to me (I love me some stats too!) and she agreed. That’s why I love baseball so, so, so very much- the memories made during the games.

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