Preseason Hockey in St. Paul

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While in the Twin Cities in September, it only seemed right that we catch a little hockey. The Minnesota Wild plays at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul and for $20 you can catch them in preseason action against the Colorado Avalanche from the nosebleeds. This ended up being our final group outing on the MLB Hall of Fame Tour and while the game was boring, we made the most of one of our last nights together.

This post isn’t long, it’s only a few pictures from inside the arena. It wasn’t a large venue, but I did feel high up in the second level of the arena. The upper bowl was steep, pushing us towards the ice which helped combat that feeling a bit. I imagine it feels rather intimate and gets loud during games that actually matter. The concourses on both levels were average size and well lit. The crowd wasn’t very into the game, but it’s to be expected. I wish practice games were more intense, but I’ll always take a night out at a sporting event over a night out at a bar. Fair warning to fans, parking by the arena was expensive ($20). It’d be cheaper to take the Metro or a bus.

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