Exploring the Cities on a Budget: NL West



San Diego


Part of the fun in visiting an MLB ballpark is experiencing the city it’s in. It’s your chance to see some sights, try the local fare, and take in the culture. An ongoing joke with my friend Liz is that our pictures should always “capture our essences.” I found many times ballparks did just this- they captured the cities they’re in’s essence. Going to the park is great (obviously, since it’s probably the reason you’re visiting) but don’t sell yourself short and miss out on the park’s inspiration! While I didn’t always get to fully explore the cities I visited since I was cramming in 30 parks, I did always make an effort to see what I could.

For those who are thinking, this is going to rack up my trip cost, I say “Not so fast my friend!” (yeah I just quoted Lee Corso, happens). Here are some ways to save when sightseeing in the cities of the NL West… and even some free activities!

Phoenix: (Diamondbacks)


Denver: (Rockies)

Los Angeles: (Dodgers)

San Diego: (Padres)

San Francisco: (Giants)

Not visiting an NL West city? Check out my previous posts on exploring AL Central, AL EastAL West, NL Central, or NL East cities.


5 thoughts on “Exploring the Cities on a Budget: NL West

  1. Also don’t forget the awesomely cheap and fun experience of listening to Belle and Sebastian’s “Piazza, New York Catcher” while standing in front of the statue of Willie Mays outside of AT&T Park in SF.


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