Pictures from Reds Opening Day 2015

Checked off another item in my Baseball Bucket List this past Monday when I went down to work Reds Opening Day for a promotional company. If you’re looking for a way to attend sporting events, concerts, or just hang out at a bar, I would recommend looking into promotional work. You can usually get started in the Craigslist Gigs section and take it from there! Anyways, enjoy my pictures and start planning your trip to the All-Star Game. If it’s anything like Reds Opening Day, it’s going to be a blast!:

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Great American Ball Park has the best statues! I had a blast playing on them when I visited in 2012 and again this week. Great photo op if you ask me. The ballpark is situated in a tight squeeze along the river and a freeway. Don’t bother spending time walking around the park, but stay near the main entrance. They’ve built up the area greatly and there are bars and restaurants galore!

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While we were waiting for our area to be set up, we were able to walk around the park a little and catch some of the Reds batting practice. GABP has had a few updates since my last visit in 2012, including a nursing suite for moms. I also enjoyed the ASG signage that’s been added around the park. This was my third visit to the park and each time I’ve liked it more and more.

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My cousin Andrew (Reds fan) told me, Cincinnati does it big for Opening Day and he wasn’t kidding! The parade and pre-game festivities were in full force despite the rain. Apparently, rain is the annual curse linked to Reds Opening Day… slightly better than snow which is a fairly popular guest to Cleveland’s home openers. Ohio in the spring is lovely. Don’t worry, it will be hot and humid for the ASG!

Finally, the gates opened and we were ready to work. Yes, despite all my pictures, I did, in fact, work a bit! We were near the Fan Zone entrance of the park and I noticed that the metal detectors were slowing down park entry a bit. There were some disgruntled fans near first pitch, but in my opinion, that’s on them. We’ve all known those were coming and fans need to allow a little more time to get in the park.

Though the weathermen promised light showers, there was a downpour and a rain delay. Our promotion was wrapping up and I had to make a decision. Wait it out and watch the game or head back to Columbus. You know what I chose!

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I said goodbye to my fellow promo girls and went to wait out the rain delay in the lower level concourse. Everyone still left in the stadium had the same idea, it was packed. Good thing I didn’t have to wait long for the game to start up again! Annoyed with my limited view of the field from an overly crowded standing room vantage point, I decided to hijack an empty seat in the section in front of me. Figured I was doing its owner a favor by keeping it warm.

This catch by Marlon Byrd is baseball perfection! Watched it on a loop yesterday.

I’m glad I stayed because this ended up being a great baseball game. There’s something to be said about not having a rooting interest in either team. I found myself cheering for both teams at times, though I will say I was happy the Reds ended up on top.  After being shut down by Cueto, I didn’t think the Pirates would make it a ballgame, but I forgot Andrew McCutchen is Clutch!

I thought about the game in Pittsburgh I went to a couple of years ago… it was almost the same story between these two teams. Again, I considered leaving early since I didn’t think I’d get to see Aroldis Chapman in person, but something told me to stay put! Ended up with a Todd Frazier bomb (I dig the long ball so much) and getting my wish.

Aroldis Chapman was everything I had hoped for and more. Add this guy to your list of must-see players if he isn’t already. Wow. I saw him at the ASG last year, but I knew I needed to see him in a real game. I was low enough that I felt like I could feel the heat off the pitches. It was magic.

My second baseball Opening Day was almost as good as the first. Speaking of, Facebook alerted me this morning that I was at the Indians’ Opening Day exactly two years ago today. Thanks, time hop for the memories. More fun times indeed… Cano was still a Yankee and I was hopeful on a Jeter return. But I digress.


Reds Opening Day is a must do for all baseball fans and if you’re thinking, “I want to go to an All-Star Game someday…” pick this year and this city. Cincy** is a baseball town and they’ve made the area around the ballpark visitor friendly and fun. I knock Ohio’s weather (it’s been brutal lately), but it really is a great state to visit. Come see our Queen City and enjoy the midsummer classic!

**Budget Tip: Though it’s not Ohio, Kentucky is right across the river and a great option for hotels if you’re looking to save some money. There are bridges you can walk over that take you right to the park, saving on parking as well.



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